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Google Analytics – Customisations you cannot live without #2

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Following my previous post in this two-part serties, I show you how to overcome two limitations of Google Analytics:This post - Automatic tracking of file downloads and outbound links Last post - Improve your SEO tracking in Google Analytics - previous postThe first is a real pain in the bum for webmasters of content heavy websites who need to track non-standard Read more

Google Analytics customisations you cannot live without #1

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If you like tweaking Google Analytics for your specific needs, this 2-part series is for you... Essentially, these hacks/plugins address two area that Google Analytics cannot do:Better SEO tracking - regionalised Search Engine visits - this post Automatic tracking of file downloads and outbound links - follow-up postThe first is an major limitation for Search Marketers requiring regional search engine Read more

How to track mobile phone users with Google Analytics

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Designing a web site for a mobile audience with a 3 inch screen and potentially slower data connection is clearly very different from other users. Therefore studying this segment of visitors can have important implications for your web development.Visits from older generations of Internet enabled mobile phones cannot be tracked by web analytics tools that use page tags - including Read more

Roll up reporting in Google Analytics

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Roll up reporting is not a standard feature in Google Analytics. However with a little extra coding, you can have stand alone reports for specific i.e. product dedicated websites, and a roll-up report to give a global overview.Generally, this issue mostly effects enterprise clients. For example, companies with brand specific or product specific web sites targeted at particular markets. Read more

Creating the perfect (trackable) blog article

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Tracking RSS blog feeds presents a problem for on-site web analytics tools such Omniture, WebTrends and Google Analytics. Why? Because as the name suggests, on-site web analytics tools measure visitor activity whilst on your web site and so cannot track activity that happens off site.For example, consider the following scenario: A visitor arrives on your site and likes the blog Read more

Integrating Voice of Customer data with Google Analytics – Part I

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As I have written before, Voice of Customer techniques are your direct feedback mechanism from visitors to your web site. It provides invaluable qualitative data to your web design, development, marketing, PR and content creator teams. It compliments the quantitative data of web analytics by providing the "why" to the "what" and "when". However it is often the case that Read more

Track outbound links and file downloads automatically in Google Analytics

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Just to let you know that I have finally gotten round to updating the original combined tracking script hack I had for urchin.js to the new ga.js. Essentially the combined tracking script is a modification of the GATC so that it automatically tracks:outbound links - Automatically file downloads - Automatically mailto links - AutomaticallyTherefore, instead of having to manually modify such Read more

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