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I enjoy doing interviews - listening to other people's questions gives me a different perspective compared to the questions I ask of myself (and of data) all the time... This question came form Manu Jeevan as part of his interview for the Big Data Made Simple blog. It made me think about something that has been troubling me for some time... What’s your Read more

Not Provided: Now impacting 80-90% of organic traffic

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As you know, Google’s removal of keyword data from a visitor’s search history caused havoc for digital marketers. Beginning Oct 2011, keywords used by organic visitors were stripped out of the referrer string that was previously passed onto the receiving site’s landing page by default. The result is that web analytics reports now contain the all encompassing “not provided” instead Read more

10 Micro Goals for Tracking Content Engagement

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Assuming you have no other "macro" drivers on your site - for example, no e-commerce facility, lead generation request from, store finder information, or advertisement click-throughs - how can you measure content engagement? Here is my list of 10 tangible goals: Show a snippet/summary first and then require a click to expand for more information Use ratings e.g. rate this page/article, did this Read more

Calculating your REAL ROI for AdWords

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Here's the problem… The default Return on Investment (ROI) displayed by Google Analytics is misleading for two reasons. Issue 1: Google Analytics combines revenue from your transactions and goals. That can lead to double counting, if for example, an add-to-cart click is a monetised goal. Issue 2: Google Analytics has no idea about what profit margins you operate under - how can Read more

Multi-Channel Attribution Modelling – don’t write off the default models

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Avinash Kaushik is a great measurement thought provoker (up there with the likes of Tufte imho), all-round nice guy, and friend of mine. I always come away from his posts feeling challenged and stimulated - quite a feat to achieve for your peers in a niche industry. The following post from him -  Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Read more

The Cost of a Poor Website User Experience

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Let me explain the story… A global white-goods brand,, sent me a survey asking what I thought about my recent website experience. Here's my response - I wanted to be honest and constructive:

"Sorry, but this is one of the worst product websites I have come across for being able to find (and identify) a particular product.  Returned results for my queries
Read more

A Flawed Feature – The New Multi-Currency Support in Google Analytics

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When speaking at events I am sometimes accused (light heartedly) of drinking too much of the Google Coolade - meaning I endorse the good parts and skip/skim the pitfalls. However this post is a criticism of Google for what I consider to be a flawed thinking with their recently announced support of multiple currencies in Google Analytics. What is Read more

eMetrics London 2012 – Day 2 Thoughts

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Tag Management Systems Panel = 3 TMS users + 1 vendor. Tag Management Systems - in my opinion the next big thing for web measurement setup (i.e. 2013), but also for the web development industry in general - deploy the necessary tracking code and program widgets across your site(s). Essentially, they are the CMS for your page tags. However, Jim made a Read more

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