Noise or Music?

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Why you Should Avoid Tracking Scroll Depth

Categories: GA & GTM, Metrics Understanding / Comments: 3

Since GTM introduced an automatic way of tracking scroll depth in Google Analytics, there has been a proliferation of this tracking. In this post I explain why you should avoid such "noise", avoid the cost implications (would you pay $1000/month for this?) and provide alternative (better!) ways to track engagement! Seriously - What's point of tracking scroll depth? Scroll depth != visitor Read more

The Best Google Analytics Tools & Addons

Categories: GA & GTM, Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 21

These are my best tools, or "add-ons" I use when working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. They focus on helping you get you get on top of and maintaining your data quality. I use all of them regularly (listed in no specific order). Updated Feb-2019. If you have a recommended tool, please add via a comment. Note I am looking for recommendations Read more

Google Analytics Audits – An Enterprise Study

Categories: GA & GTM, GDPR & Privacy, Setup Accuracy / Comments: 2

Part of my job involves auditing Google Analytics setups in order to establish the quality of the data collected. This video story brings together some of the extraordinary findings of my work. Its a study of 75 enterprise websites using Google Analytics. I describe the audit methodology and display the results in a visual scorecard format. The results are somewhat surprising Read more

Data Visualisation: Black+White versus Colour

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 3

Would you buy a data book printed in colour if its price was higher...? My challenge: As with viewing any information containing charts, tables, diagrams etc. reading content in COLOUR is very important to me, more so than the purchase price. Hence, why the book Successful Analytics was in colour - by necessity it uses better quality paper and hopefully by Read more

Is Google Analytics Removing Personal Data?

Categories: GA & GTM, GDPR & Privacy / Comments: 2

Google Analytics is now automatically removing personal info from collected data. So far only for query term "email". I regularly audit and test accounts for PII and found this today: Google Analytics is automatically replacing email addresses it finds in your reports with the text "obfuscated" - in real time. At present it seems only to work when sent as a value in Read more

The New Google Analytics 360 Suite – A Game Changer for the Enterprise…?

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 13

There was a major announcement from Google today (15-March) - a new group of products, called the Google Analytics 360 Suite, is about to be launched. This is a suite of six (6) products - four of them are new, two are rebrands. These are my initial thoughts on whats hot about this and what you need to know...   The New Analytics Products: Google Optimize 360 (beta). This website Read more

Google Analytics is 10 years old – What’s changed?

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 11

Google Analytics launched on the 14th November 2005 - the result of acquiring a company called Urchin Software. It was a momentous day for two reasons: Google had entered the analytics space with a bang - releasing the first enterprise analytics product for FREE (unheard of then!). I was 5 weeks into my new job as Head of Web Analytics for Google Europe. Clearly with such disruption, not everyone Read more

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