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Here I write about Google Analytics setup and usage; Online privacy & GDPR; Data accuracy; Website usability; Conversion optimisation; and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – the whole raison d’etre for measurement in the first place…!

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Auditing Google Analytics – An Enterprise Study

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Part of my job involves auditing Google Analytics setups in order to establish the quality of the data collected. This video story brings together some of the extraordinary findings of my work. Its a study of 75 enterprise websites using Google Analytics. I describe the audit methodology and display the results in a visual scorecard format.

The results are somewhat surprising (and depressing) in that they show the general poor quality of data that organisations are working with – an average Quality Index score of only 35.7 out of 100. One surprising metric is that 1 in 5 websites had a PII issue i.e. were collecting personal information into Google Analytics reports…

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The Impact of AnonymizeIP (aip)

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A key recommendation for GDPR compliance is to use the Google Analytics feature anonymizeIP, also known as “aip”. As the name suggests, this simple switch drops the last 3 digits from your visitor’s IP address. For example, if a visitor has a public ip of, then Google will obfuscate this to 217.115.40. (and all other visitor ip addresses) when it processes your Google Analytics data. No ip address data is stored. That’s good for GDPR compliance because ip data is considered PII in Europe.

So if the last 3 digits of an IP address are removed, does that impact geolocation data?

The answer is of course yes, but how much of an impact, and should you worry about it..?

anonymizeIP study

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Clarifying the Analytics Data Retention Settings

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I must admit that the new Google Analytics documentation about the GDPR specific Data Retention setting is confusing! The assumption from many clients is that ALL data older than NN months is going to be deleted i.e. a cliff-edge effect where any report older than say 26 months is going to be empty. The setting is important, […]

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Google Analytics, GDPR and Consent

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In this post I address a key question that is troubling many a website owner using Google Analytics (the “Controller” in GDPR terminology): Is explicit consent required before I can track my visitors?

I am going to assume you are aware of GDPR (who isn’t? And Facebook have successfully heightened the awareness in the US). You should also be aware that even though I work in the data industry, I have been a strong privacy advocate for many years now. I approach the subject as an end-user would. Let’s face it, for many years now the data/tracking industry has a bad reputation in general…

It is interesting to note that although GDPR has been 10 years in the making, Google Trends shows that since the start of 2018, the volume of searches for the term “GDPR” is now more than double that at any period the previous year i.e. this is important:

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Data Visualisation: Black+White versus Colour

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My challenge: As with viewing any information containing charts, tables, diagrams etc. reading content in COLOUR is very important to me, more so than the purchase price. Hence, why the book Successful Analytics was in colour – by necessity it uses better quality paper and hopefully by using colour, the points are clearer as well as easier to remember. However colour printing is expensive – it always was. So I need your feedback via this 2 second poll – it will help me to decide what to do with the next version of Successful Analytics.

Would you be willing to pay more for a colour book?

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When Visitor Surveys Can Damage Your Brand

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Voice of customerSurveying to your customers is obviously a good thing, BUT the key to obtaining a good participation rate and accurate results, is the timing and mechanism of your survey. Unfortunately these are so often forgotten. The result is poor quality data masquerading as “feedback” that can also be damaging for your brand!

In this post I discuss why surveys often end up being a silent brand killer that also produce skewed data, as well as how to increase survey participation without damaging your brand….

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