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Here I write articles about advanced Google Analytics  setup and usage with a focus on data quality, including online privacy and consent best practice i.e. GDPR compliance. In other words, the things your organisation needs to have in place in order to have trust in its data, and for your customers to trust you with their data…

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Data Protection versus Data Privacy

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What’s the difference between data privacy and data protection? They seem intuitively self explanatory, and yet if you think about it for a minute, they are quite complex to describe – they are both related and yet separate at the same time. Even if you consider then mutually exclusive, the details of what is involved in doing the right thing, e.g. for GDPR compliance, is complicated to get right – see my recent whitepaper for getting consent banners done correctly (aka Cookie popup banners).

This is a quick post to clarify the broader differences and similarities, the ethics and responsibilities of data stakeholders…

jigsaw effect of anonymous data

The jigsaw effect of collecting anonymous data.

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How to Get Cookie Consent Right

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Getting a website’s privacy and consent process done right is difficult. In fact, my research shows 98% of websites get consent wrong. In this post I walk through the 3 fundamentals that must be done correctly.

How to Get Cookie Consent Right for GDPR

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How do I exclude internal traffic in Google Analytics?

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Excluding or filtering internal i.e. staff visits from Google Analytics is an interesting challenge – it’s not as straightforward as you may first think. This is because there is no obvious way to identify a staff visitor… Hence this detailed post showing a possible alternative.

In this article I discuss why applying a filter is flawed and suggest a quick fix that may help you overcome its limitations. However the smarter and more robust way is to use a visitor label – a.k.a Custom Dimension.

staff visits segment

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Why you Should Avoid Tracking Scroll Depth

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Since GTM introduced an automatic way of tracking scroll depth in Google Analytics, there has been a proliferation of this tracking. In this post I explain why you should avoid such “noise”, avoid the cost implications (would you pay $1000/month for this?) and provide alternative (better!) ways to track engagement!

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The Best Google Analytics Tools & Addons

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Recommended tools for use with Google Analytics

These are my best tools, or “add-ons” I use when working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. They focus on helping you get you get on top of and maintaining your data quality. I use all of them regularly (listed in no specific order).

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Analytics Predictions 2019

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From the recent Forrester Prediction 2019 report:

57% of global data and analytics decision makers are still at the early stages of their insights-driven business. Only 8% demonstrate advanced insights-driven competencies.

Meaning, that despite the hype of recent years around machine learning and artificial intelligence, even the biggest companies struggle to extract value from their data at scale and drive impactful business results.

Mulling over this insight, I wanted to add my thoughts for why organisations are in such a low state of analytics maturity. Based on working with senior managers in large brand-leading organisations, these are my top 3 reasons:

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