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Here I write about Google Analytics setup and usage; Online privacy; Data accuracy; Website usability; Conversion optimisation; and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – the whole raison d’etre for measurement in the first place…!

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Data Visualisation: Black+White versus Colour

Categories: Google Analytics and GTM / Comments: 1

Would you buy a data book printed in colour if its price was higher…? My challenge: As with viewing any information containing charts, tables, diagrams etc. reading content in COLOUR is very important to me, more so than the purchase price. Hence, why the book Successful Analytics was in colour – by necessity it uses […]

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When Visitor Surveys Can Damage Your Brand

Categories: Metrics understanding, Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 0

Voice of customerSurveying to your customers is obviously a good thing, BUT the key to obtaining a good participation rate and accurate results, is the timing and mechanism of your survey. Unfortunately these are so often forgotten. The result is poor quality data masquerading as “feedback” that can also be damaging for your brand!

In this post I discuss why surveys often end up being a silent brand killer that also produce skewed data, as well as how to increase survey participation without damaging your brand….

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How-to Match Google Analytics Transactions With Reality

Categories: Implementation Fundamentals, Metrics understanding, Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 1

If you have a transactional site, then of course you will want your transactional and product data as measured by Google Analytics, to match the real sales numbers that your back-end system collects. However in reality, these never exactly match due to a number of issues. These include:

1) Processing time differences; 2) Returns; 3) Blocked tracking; 4) Cross-domain tracking issues – the most problematic.

I discuss these next, but first…

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What’s The Point Of a KPI…?

Categories: Metrics understanding / Comments: 7

I was reading an old conference program last week, looking for inspiration to write the program foreword for the excellent upcoming Superweek data event, when I came across the wisdom of my friend and former colleague Avinash Kaushik. Essentially he was stressing the need for analysts to be a part of the business, not simply be a data monkey: ” […]

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Is having a 3rd-party cookie a problem for you?

Categories: Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 2

I always thought that once the “general public” understood what a third-party cookie was, they would block/delete/refuse to accept them en masse. I have been predicting the demise of 3rd-party cookies since 2008, however it simply hasn’t happened. In fact the success of remarketing techniques illustrates people either don’t care about tracking technologies (i.e. invasiveness) or […]

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Digital Analytics Trends for 2016…

Categories: Metrics understanding / Comments: 0

ClickZ is a great learning resource. Even for expert readers their articles are well researched and informative – they simulate thought and further discussion. So when asked by Linus Gregoriadis, Global Director of Research & Intelligence at contentive (publishers of ClickZ), to discuss my thoughts on the latest digital marketing trends, I was of course flattered. These are […]

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