Successful Analytics by Brian Clifton

The next step, explaining how to exploit analytics for business success...

Professor Ingemar Cox, University College, London

A must-read for managers and others working directly or indirectly with web analytics.

Peter Munk, LEGO Group

Above all, this book focuses on moving from data and analysis into insight and business value

Ashley Friedlein, Econsultancy

Your opportunity to address the real issue of why your analytics isn’t delivering the results you expected

Stephane Hamel, Cardinal Path

Your opportunity to address the real issue of why your analytics isn’t delivering the results you expected

Stephane Hamel, Cardinal Path

Exceptionally good at explaining the important things. Full of powerful tips invaluable when you communicate at board level

Sofie Westlake, Red Gate Software

I began skimming through this book and got sucked right in!

John Devoy, San Francisco University

I started this book at the beginning of a long haul flight and didn't put it down until I finished it...

Matt Trimmer, iVantage

As an experienced consultant myself, I found this a great complement to my training sessions

Doug Hall, Conversionworks

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A great friend and mentor to me once said, “Advanced web metrics is about doing the basics very well and applying it in a clever way.”

It epitomises everything about my approach to Google Analytics and my books. I am a PhD chemist by training, though my aim is to simplify the process of first collecting and then gaining insights from data. To date, I have written four books on the subject and sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. The last was Successful Analytics.


From Chapter 6 of the book Successful Analytics

“Deep dive into data”

Brian Clifton

Hello, I’m Brian Clifton and my career in digital started way back in 1997 – developing and marketing websites via SEO. Data collection and analytics rapidly fell into my sphere of interest and in 2005 I was hired as the first Head of Web Analytics for Google Europe. Within a month I was helping launch Google Analytics onto the world – scary and amazing times!


What I write about here

My passion is twofold: A] Getting good quality data that is actionable i.e. relevant to the business; B] Respecting user privacy and advocating “benign” analytics. That is, collecting data in non-invasive ways. Mostly I blog about advanced Google Analytics and GTM setups, metrics understanding, GDPR and online privacy. The purpose is to educate in an actionable way.

Note, I only post on things I have given a great deal of thought to and/or researched myself. I do not aim to be a news service, or broadcast the “latest features”. My approach is to write about long-term, sustainable data strategies.


Two important studies from me (more coming):


Interested in my latest project…?

Over the past 8 years, myself and the team have built Verified Data software – a forensic data auditing tool with an emphasis on accuracy and privacy compliance – visit

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