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Successful Analytics by Brian Clifton

The next step, explaining how to exploit analytics for business success Professor Ingemar Cox, University College, London

A must-read for managers and others working directly or indirectly with web analytics Peter Munk, LEGO Group

Above all, this book focuses on moving from data and analysis into insight and business value. Ashley Friedlein, Econsultancy

Your opportunity to address the real issue of why your analytics isn’t delivering the results you expected Stephane Hamel, Cardinal Path

Exceptionally good at explaining the important things. Full of powerful tips invaluable when you communicate at board level Sofie Westlake, Red Gate Software

I began skimming through this book and got sucked right in! John Devoy, San Francisco University

I started this book at the beginning of a long haul flight and didn't put it down until I finished it... Matt Trimmer, iVantage

As an experience consultant myself, I found this a great complement to my training sessions Doug Hall, Conversionworks

Measuring Success

Change the way your organisation perceives Google Analytics...

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The blog, Noise or Music?, is complementary to my books. In addition to Google Analytics, I write about data insights, conversion optimisation & value, testing, privacy issues, accuracy considerations, voice of customer feedback – and the inter-relationships between all of those. I try(!) to post regularly.

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What about your specific interests? I setup the LinkedIn Group in 2008 as an open forum for members to post their own thoughts and questions. With over 3000 members, the modus operandi is to be the place to discuss advanced issues such as: feature usage, implementation, integrations, hacks etc. with people at a similar knowledge level and approach. You don’t have to have read the book, but it helps!

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I tweet when I have something interesting to say (rare for Twitter I know!), with my longer thoughts on Google+. This is when I come across interesting articles/books/presentations/news, that I feel would be of use to similar minded people. Typically I do this is a couple of times a day. My blog posts are automatically tweeted.

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Working with Brian
If you are an organisation wishing to work with me and my team, please view my company website at I am based in Sweden and work across Europe.
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About Brian

Brian Clifton is a measurement strategist, advisor and renowned practitioner of website performance optimisation.

Recognised internationally as a Google Analytics expert, his books are used by students and professionals world-wide.

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