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If you like my approach and need analytics expertise and experience, you can hire me (and the team) via Search Integration. We are a small international advisory company that specialise in growing in-house data expertise. We deliver award-winning solutions based on Google Analytics, scientific knowledge, and international marketing experience. Located in Helsingborg, south Sweden, we work with major organisations/brands across Europe (and a few in the US).

Without hiring me, you can try Verified Data – a Google Analytics audit tool taking a systematic and forensic approach to data quality and governance. Note, this development based on the methods I describe in the 2015 book Successful Analytics. Verified Data automates the audit process of finding governance and accuracy issues, so you can fix them before they become serious. It is now a separate venture with its own dedicated team.

google analytics audit

From Chapter 10 of the book Successful Analytics

“Interpetting your data”

Speaking Invitations

As a professional keynote speaker, I have had the privilege of speaking at a number of excellent industry events around the world, particularly in Europe – for example: Superweek, Marketing Analytics Summits, E-commerce Growth summit, Bowen & Craggs Conference. Currently I present on data accuracy and data governance (privacy, consent, GDPR).

If you would like me to speak at your event, please forward your request and allow at least two month’s notice period! (brian [at] advanced-web-metrics dot com is my email address).

Brian Clifton keynote presentation

Conference keynote – presenting and moderating

“An inspirational and charismatic speaker! As the keynote at our first Digital Analytics Congress, Brian gave lot of practical insights about Google Analytics with an emphasis on data trust.”

Miriam Hamawandi, Account Manager, MOA expertise Center

“You could read a thousand blogs and a hundred books to learn the ins and outs of making sure your data is up to the task, or you could listen to Brian Clifton present. Brian’s wisdom and experience shines through with the help of his crystal clear communication style, detailed examples, and his ability to instantly adapt to the use case on hand. Be prepared to be educated, challenged, and handed answers to question you didn’t know to ask.”

Jim Sterne, founder, Marketing Analytics Summit, Director Emeritus Digital Analytics Association

“Praised by our corporate community for his expertise, authority and amiable style, we have invited Brian to speak on numerous occasions – including our annual conference, round table meetings and webinars.”

Dan Drury, Executive Commercial Director, Bowen & Craggs

“Brian’s presentation was really interesting and inspiring, it’s clear that he is an expert within the field.”


“Really competent moderator with an interesting introduction in the beginning of the day.”


Analytics Dagarna event attendees, Malmö