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If you are a self-helper the section Other Reading Material contains a list of books from a wealth of talented people – all of which have influenced my thinking. In addition, you can tap into Google itself as well as numerous groups, forums, blog enthusiasts and a global network of official Google Analytics Certified Partners. I list these below.

If you like my approach to web measurement and optimisation, you can hire me (and the team) via Search Integration. We are an international consultancy that work with proactive clients wishing to change how they conduct business on the web. Note, my deliberate emphasis on change! I work for global brands across Europe from our base in Sweden.

Other resources from me:


Google provided resources (free):


Google Analytics Certified Partners (paid help)

Official GACP logoGACP partners are independent of Google and have a proven track record in their field, providing paid-for professional services such as strategic planning, custom installation, onsite or remote training, data analysis, and consultation:


Other non-Google resources (free):

Google Analytics Google+ communities are managed by a group of avid enthusiasts and users – they are *not* official Google support forums but they are a great resource:

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  1. Robert says:

    Looking for excel spreadsheet mentioned in Note: on page 15 of Advance Web Metrics w/ Google Analytics, 3rd edition. Link provided is no longer valid/ active.

    Thank you,

  2. Inna says:


    I bougt the third edition of the Advanced Web Metrics book but I the can’t find spreadsheet for google analytics KPIs chapter 10. Page 368. Where can I get it?

    Thank yo0u,

  3. Sean B says:

    Hi, in the third edition of your book, page 559 has a section called “Blog Roll for Web Analytics” with a list of websites.

    Is this list somewhere on your website? I ask because I want to copy and paste it into my RSS reader and not type them in by hand.


  4. @Marla – apologies for my late response to this (if you own a plugin license just email me direct). As long as your additional external links are regular href links them my plugin will pick these up automatically as the page loads.

    However, if these are form buttons it will not. You will need to modify these manually with onSubmit event handlers. That is not too difficult. Just speak with your web developer and show them Chapter 7 of the book 😉

  5. Hi Brian,

    The AddLinkerEvents-std.js software is working great for me. Now I have added some external links that are forms (add-to-cart with Amazon). Is there a way to track these links?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Jessie says:

    Hi Brian,

    Do you provide consultancies for businesses? also the link to the UK courses appear to be broken.



    • @Jessie – thanks for the heads up on the link error. Fixed now.

      Yes, consulting is how I make my money – writing books is is more about enjoyment than a business! My company service are shown at, though feel free to ping me direct at brian@

  7. William Berdine says:

    I am working on a masters and need to write a paper in-which I need to find a version history of Google Analytics. I cannot find on the web but there must be something somewhere that has the history of major and minor changes to the product. It’s not like we don’t know that google is always updating the product.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Louise says:

    In the 2nd edition book (pg 98) the dashboard overview has a metric table for site usage. Can you explain how you combine these metrics onto one widget?

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