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The Problem

Data is valuable, but it can go bad at any time – lost, polluted, duplicated, or a dreaded GDPR compliance issue – such as collected personal information, or collecting data without user consent. Often these problems go unnoticed for months – ruining months (even years) of data with no way to clean it retroactively. And at a significant risk to the business.

From Chapter 4 of the book Successful Analytics

“Collecting your data”

The Solution: Automated Audits

Verified Data uses some smart technology to forensically audit both your website and its Google Analytics data. It’s a unique for several reasons:

  • The DATA Inspector tool verifies your Google Analytics data for quality and accuracy.
  • The PAGE Inspector tool verifies what cookies are set and what tracking pixels exist on your site – and if this is privacy compliant.

These are enterprise products built by experts for experts. They are packed with smart technology and smart thinking. Both go deep into detail of what your data should look like and are the go-to tools for privacy experts and data engeineers.

Launched in 2018, there are now over 1000 organisations and agencies using Verified Data. Follow its progress via the release notes.

google analytics audit


Audits have been a big part of my career. Checking, fixing, monitoring data so that an organisation can trust it, rely on it to make important decisions, and use it to measure success (or not). You can see some of the results of that work in my Google Analytics Enterprise Study for data quality. It’s a review of 75 major website brands audited for data accuracy and data governance.

In 2015 I published my audit method – its Chapter 4 from my book Successful Analytics. You can download this chapter in full and read all about how to audit your Google Analytics data: Ch4: Assessing Your Data Quality

Chapter 4 Download

Measuring your data quality is a game changer. That said, manual audits are a laborious process. Wouldn’t it be a lot more easier to automate it?