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The rise and rise of “not provided” keywords

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If you are active with search engine optimisation (SEO), then you will be aware of the issue of "not provided" showing in your Google Analytics reports for organic visits. To quickly summarise, in October 2011 Google implemented a change to how searches performed on their web properties can be tracked by website owners receiving the subsequent click-through traffic (Read more

Show Me the Money: How much value is your website generating?

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It never ceases to amaze me how much emphasis organisations still put on measuring website volume - "How many visits (or conversions) did our last campaign generate?" It surprises me because volume metrics are a very useful guide to failure - but not success. That is, low traffic and conversion numbers tell you that something went wrong. For example, wrong message, wrong Read more

SEO and Analytics – part 2

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been a part of my background since starting my career in the digital industry (since 1997). In fact it remains a major part of working with clients, though now social media is a bigger part of the mix. Hence I still speak at conferences such as SES London - as I did recently. I was Read more

SEO and Analytics – part 1

Categories: Metrics Understanding, SEO & Analytics / Comments: 8

Many people use Google Analytics for Search Engine Optimisation. As you may know, I started my digital life way back(!) in 1997 in web development and SEO - odd as it seems now, at that time Alta Vista was the Google of its day and Google was still a university project at Standford called Backrub. Although I now Read more

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