Standard v Developer version

There are 2 license types for the Auto-Tracking File Downloads & Outbound Links plugin:

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Standard License

Developer License

File downloads Tracks files with the following extensions:
.doc(x), .xls(x), .ppt(x), .exe, .zip,
.txt, .pdf

Can be customised to track *any* file extension
External links Tracks any domain external to your
Can be customised for *any* local domain,,

Mailto links All All

Bounce trigger Set to 30 seconds by default i.e. only single page visits less than 30 seconds are considered bounced. Can be set to *any* value (in seconds)

Tracker objects Use with the default GA tracker object
i.e. a single GA account
Can use *multiple* tracker objects
i.e. multiple GA accounts simultaneously (why do this?)

Customizing Paths tracked as:
‘download’, ‘outbound’, ‘mailto’
Can define your own virtual pageview paths, or Event categories

Source code No Yes
Pricing £290.00 per year
Unlimited domain multi-site license

Email me direct at brian@
for pricing information

30 day 100% money back guarantee
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