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There are 2 license types for the Auto-Tracking File Downloads & Outbound Links plugin:

[ Pay by card now, or for invoice contact me directly (brian@) ]

Standard License

Developer License

File downloadsTracks files with the following extensions:
.doc(x), .xls(x), .ppt(x), .exe, .zip,
.txt, .pdf

Can be customised to track *any* file extension
External linksTracks any domain external to your
Can be customised for *any* local domain,,

Mailto linksAllAll

Bounce triggerSet to 30 seconds by default i.e. only single page visits less than 30 seconds are considered bounced. Can be set to *any* value (in seconds)

Tracker objectsUse with the default GA tracker object
i.e. a single GA account
Can use *multiple* tracker objects
i.e. multiple GA accounts simultaneously (why do this?)

CustomizingPaths tracked as:
‘download’, ‘outbound’, ‘mailto’
Can define your own virtual pageview paths, or Event categories

Source codeNoYes
Pricing £290.00 per year
Unlimited domain multi-site license

Email me direct at brian@
for pricing information

30 day 100% money back guarantee
Your name
Company Name
Domain Name
Comma separated list of domains where you will use this plugin. You can add domains as you go.
Email address
Billing country


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  1. Developer version now available

    I have spent a considerable amount of time making this plugin more versatile and flexible. It is particularly aimed at agencies or organisations that run multiple websites or have a very specific customisation need.

    The most feature requests were for:
    1. Being able to customising the file download list
    2. Being able to specify your own virtual pageview directories and event categories
    3. Supporting multiple tracker objects – when you have data going to more than one GA account

    And these are all included. I won’t be listing pricing here, so please contact me direct with your requirements.

    As always, if you have a feature request, please add a comment.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Hi Brian
    Looking at adding the Auto-Tracking File Downloads & Outbound Links to our site. With subdomains are they considered to be external using the standard license?
    Many thanks

    • Jonathan: Sub-domains are not considered external by default, but that is easy for you to setup when you install the file i.e. just specify “”. Then any link that is not to will be treated as external.

      The default setup is for you to use “”. Essentially its a pattern match on this string.

  3. Tim Madel says:

    Since the developer version is not yet available – is there an upgrade path from standard to developer?

  4. LuseMedia says:

    Hi Brian,

    Any chance you’ll be offering a multisite license or agency license anytime in the future?


    • Zach: An agency/multi-site license is something I am very much working on. Send though your needs so I have a better understand on what you require.

      Agencies/multi-site organisations – please contact me directly (brian@) to join this discussion

  5. peterrees says:

    Hi Brian
    What is the distinction between a single download and a subscription please?
    Also are there any usage restrictions in terms of the number of sites that the hack can be used on?

    • Hi Peter: A single download is just that – it includes no updates. A subscription provides updates at no further cost.

      A license is valid for the site you specify on the purchase form. If you manage multiple clients and wish to use this hack (i.e. agency scenario), each client must have its own license.

      Hope that makes sense, Brian

  6. Jan: The Standard version allows you to specify one local domain. Any link not pointing to this domain is considered an outbound link and tracked as such.

    The Developer version allows you to specify multiple local domains. So if you have content spread across multiple domains you own, you will not want to consider these as outbound links. It also gives you the control of specifying some outbound domains that you may not wish to track…

    Hope that makes sense.

  7. Jan says:

    Hi Brian,

    can you please explain in the developer licence hack this section, as don’t understand the difference:
    Can be customised for *any* local domain



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