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The print version of the book originally shipped from Amazon. However, they are now out of stock - a good thing for me :). I am therefore selling the last few copies I own myself direct i.e. shipped form my office.

BONUS: All books sold by me will be signed/dated by me personally!

The order process is via Paypal, and you can use this form to pay via bank card or bank transfer if you prefer.

NOTE: At this time I am only shipping to countries within the EU.

Purchase direct from the author via Paypal
£19.99 GBP + £15.00 shipping to Singapore only


E-Book (2 parts)

E-books don't go out of stock, so if that is your preferred format simply choose your usual eBook store:

Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Goodreads etc.

Both parts include the Introduction, Foreword (from Avinash Kaushik), Preface and Appendix text.

  • eBook1 for chapters 1-5     ($9.99 USD or equivalent)
  • eBook2 for chapters 6-10  ($9.99 USD or equivalent)

Shipping Times

Please note, that I am shipping these final copies I have from my office in Sweden i.e. in my spare time, so allow a little leeway. For any pre-sale questions or problems with orders, please email: books [at]

  • Europe/EU - Standard Delivery
    Book should arrive within 5 and 10 working days from your order.