These are commercial strength Google Analytics “plugins” for the async version of the GATC. Originally called “hacks”  (though that belies the professionalism behind the work!) these have been documented either as posts in the GA Plugins category or part of the book. Directly maintained and supported JavaScript code by Brian Clifton.

Selection of clients relying on these plugins:
clients using the Google Analytics plugins

PLUGIN 1: Auto-Tracking File Downloads & Outbound Links >>

  • Aimed at webmasters as a huge time saver
  • Automatically tracks file downloadsoutbound exit linksmailto links for you and optionally modifies the default bounce rate calculation
  • Each type can be are tracked as a virtual pageview or an event
  • Optional bounce rate adjustment i.e. a single pageview with time-on-page of 30+ seconds is not treated as a bounced visitor (aimed at content publishers)
  • Self-contained code – does not depend on jquery or any other libraries
  • more info

PLUGIN 2: Customising the SEO list for Google Analytics >>

  • Aimed at digital marketers running localised SEO accounts
  • Separates out regional search engines (instead of the default GA behaviour of lumping all together as google, yahoo etc.)
  • Adds 219 regional variations –,, etc.
  • Adds 46 other search engines – from middle east, far east and eastern Europe
  • Tracks keywords used on Google image search
  • Adds price comparison engines,
  • Self-contained code – does not depend on jquery or any other libraries
  • more info

Free GA plugins (non-async code, unsupported) ]

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