These are commercial strength Google Analytics “plugins” for the async version of the GATC. Originally called “hacks”  (though that belies the professionalism behind the work!) these have been documented either as posts in the GA Plugins category or part of the book. Directly maintained and supported JavaScript code by Brian Clifton.

Selection of clients relying on these plugins:
clients using the Google Analytics plugins

PLUGIN 1: Auto-Tracking File Downloads & Outbound Links >>

PLUGIN 2: Customising the SEO list for Google Analytics >>

Free GA plugins (non-async code, unsupported) ]

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  1. Kevin says:


    I like your book ,it’s useful for me to help other company to understand how to set and read google ananytics (sorry my english is not very good,I come from Taiwan) if I have any question about GA,may I ask ?

  2. Karin: Make sure you are a member of the Pro Lounge – announcement of new scripts will be made there. Async scripts should be ready by Feb…

  3. Karin says:

    Hi Brian,

    With reference to Alanna’s question, “Does the combined tracking script work with the new asynchronous tracking code?” have there been any developments on the async script?

    Hoping so 🙂

  4. Beno says:

    Hi Brian,
    I tried it and most of the image traffic are now getting stored in organic traffic. However, a small portion of traffic are still being stored as referral, but that is fine. Thanks a lot for your advice.

  5. Beno says:

    Hi Brian, is there an update on this? Hope you are back!

  6. Palashi says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have one of my clients GA Accounts manually tagged to the Adwords campaign, but all the data for PPC shows as organic traffic,, is there any hack or way of seperating the ppc traffic from the organic, to get the paid keywords?

  7. Beno says:

    Ok Brian, that would be very helpful. Thanks.

  8. Beno says:

    I’m using the ga.js code. Only a few of them (image search terms) are shown as google/organic, the remaining are shown under google/referral and their referral path is /imgres.

    • OK, this is because Google have changed their domain structure for image search. Whereas before they used e.g, they now simply use (or localised version). I don’t know if this is a permanent change…

      To get my image search hack (page 162) working for this change, you should edit both parts of the hack:

      1. remove “images” from the domain for detecting the search
      2. However this will simply collate all image search with other non-image searches. Therefore, within the filter, optionally add text to the Output field such as “image search $A3”

      If you use my Tracking regional and custom Search Engines in Google Analytics hack, I have added this new domain already.

      I will write up this fix more fully when I am back in the country…

  9. Beno says:

    In your book, there is a topic on “Capturing Google Image Search”, you had mentioned by modifying the GATC code and advance filter the traffic from Google image search will be shown as organic, this was working well, but lately, this modification is not working and shows Google image traffic as referral. Please advice.

    • Beno: I am not aware of any changes for Google Image search that would impact this i.e. the referral URL still contains the prev parameter. I will put aside some time to set this up for one of my sites and check to verify. What version of the GATC are you using? Note, the book code is for the standard installation i.e. not the async method.

      Update: the last image search I have for this method was on 18th Aug and the keywords were extracted ok.

  10. Beno says:

    The hack for converting google image traffic from referral to organic is not working for sometime now. Can you please update us on this.

  11. Alanna says:

    Does the combined tracking script work with the new asynchronous tracking code?

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