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Google Analytics ebook (PDF) available

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For those that are interested in e-books, Successful Analytics (launch post) is my latest book launched Feb 2015. It is available as a full colour paperback (from this site, or Amazon), or as an ebook.

There are PDF (ePub) and Kindle versions of Advanced Web Metrics 3rd edition from the major retailers – see below for links. However, that book only related to “classic” analytics – not universal analytics and no GTM content…

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Successful Analytics Ebook links (Feb 2015)

Advanced Web Metrics E-Book links (English only) :

Translations to other languages:

The 3rd edition will be available in Chinese soon (i.e. next few months). The second edition was available in French, German and Chinese and the first edition also had Korean and CzechRussian. I don’t control any of the translations – its down to local publishers contacting my publisher to buy the rights. However I expect the same languages to be picked up…

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  1. Hi Brian,
    due to the recent major changes on Google Analytics side, is there any plan to release (update?) a new version of your interesting Book or eBook.

    Thanks in advance

  2. miguelcaires says:

    Hello Brian.

    First of all, congratulations on your book.
    Just started reading it (ordered it from amazon UK) and seems very very interesting and useful.

    One suggestion though. In my opinion, there should be a complimentary copy of the digital version, to anyone that buys the paperback edition.

    During commute from home to college, it would be interesting and a back relief to still be able to read it on the underground, using my tablet.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

    Miguel Caires

  3. The hold up for me at present is having the ability of e-book users to copy/paste, and print sections form the e-book. At present it is completely locked down, so quite frankly I do not see the point of me offering the ebook form my site. Other retailers have their own DRM rules…

    Wiley (my publisher) are transitioning to a new epub system so these rules will be more customisable. Obviously no-one wants the entire book to be ripped off, but I am hoping I can find a compromise with the publishers in the next few months…

    Will keep you posted.

  4. @Slav – Added code examples is planned for the Pro Lounge area of the site – the 2nd edition ones are there. Please register to be notified:

  5. Slav says:

    The standard work around for “to be able to copy and paste” issue with eBooks is a source code from the book been available for download on ether web site of author (he can cat and paste:) or publisher.

    Brian, can you copy and paste all js code from 3rd edition on put it as a zip file?

  6. David says:

    Brian – that’s fair enough… I agree that a standard pdf may be too easy to pass on. The problem with the Kobo ereader specifically is that you cannot copy and paste, and what’s more irritating: you cannot print! so I wonder what the difference is between looking at the Google ebook version and or buying the ebook in WHS and read it on KOBO. It’s the first time I am in a situation where I cannot copy parts of an ebook to produce my own internal manuals and documentation for internal distribution at work. I guess that at least with the pdf version, albeit locked in Adobe Digital, you are able to copy and paste?

    • David: the ePdf for the 2nd edition is the same. No copy and paste. Crazy I know! That is where the publishing industry is at present. Same as the music industry – backwards…

      Anyhow, I am speaking With Wiley to make things better for the 3rd edition. Lets hope so.

  7. Tim Baxter says:

    Hi Brian

    I made the mistake of buying the 2nd edition recently as I didn’t know about the 3rd edition that I’m now holding out for. Could you tell me if there’s going to be an electronic version of the 3rd edition soon? Amazon UK simply have one of their “tell the author you want it on Kindle” boxes for now.

    I’m keen to get on with the job but much prefer e-books and I’m guessing my 2nd edition isn’t as worthy for study as the 3rd.

  8. Hi David – AFAIK all ebook versions require proprietary software to use e.g. Kindle etc. There is no “standard” PDF version. Even if you have the PDF, you will be required to install the Adobe Digital Editions app on your computer. This protects the publisher from fraud – PDF is just too easy to pass on in its standard form…

  9. David says:

    I couldnt wait for the 3rd edition hard copy and bought the ebook 2nd edition from WHS. I dont recommend you do it as they dont provide a pdf version : ( you have to install a proprietary ereader app called kobo either on your home computer or tablet in order to be able to read it.

  10. Kathy says:

    Thanks Brian. I look forward to the kindle version when it becomes available. (& no need for embarassment 😉 as you say – it’s out of your control)

  11. Kathy says:

    Hi Brian
    I have also been wondering when a kindle version will be available. Any news yet?

    • This is embarrassing. Apparently there is a delay due to getting the Adwords coupon, that comes with the hard copy, in the Kindle… It is completely out of my control, though I will keep you posted

  12. Dan – odd, the Kindle version should be available. Let me check with the publisher and get back to you.

  13. Dan says:

    When will the kindle version be available?

  14. I am currently managing and overseeing my company website. Having in place a PDF booklet which I can download and print is invaluable to me; there are so many books out there but having a fully relevant resource like so and one that is free is just what I require as there is so much for me to learn.

  15. Mark LeVell says:

    Also, FYI, this statement in your page above is inaccurate: “…you can read the entire content online at Google Books.”

    Actually the Google book has major random blocks of pages intentionally removed to encourage book purchase making it effectively unreadable. It IS a great way to get a feeling for how good the book is though… just as it’s intended! -Mark

  16. Mark LeVell says:

    I just shelled out $40 for the physical book, kind of expecting I would get access to the code online. Spending another chunk of cash for the ebook… wouldn’t be right, eh? When I spend that cash I want to spend it on my next book! It’s fairly standard for technical books to have code online (or a CD). Can you email me the 4 pages with the code (pg 438-442) to get me along until you make this generally available?

    • Mark: The pages you reference are for extracting the GA cookie for use in a CRM/Form processing script. If so, you can see the code working on this site. For example the Hacks page has a form (one field) to be notified of updates. I use the same Hack in the book to grab the GA cookies and use as hidden form fields. Therefore viewing the source code will allow you to copy the code.

      Hope that helps. Brian

  17. Mark LeVell says:

    How can I get access to the code on pages 438-442? I’ve toured this site and can’t find it(although lots of other good stuff!). I tried the Google link but pages are missing out of the Google book, including page 439…and it’s not copyable anyway. Someplace else I’m not looking?

    • Mark: You *should* be able to copy & paste the code from the ebook. Can you confirm if you find this is not the case please.

      I am in the process of building a Member’s system for this site. This will contain the book code examples, all colour images, errata pages and more. Access to these will be free 🙂

  18. Very nice news on that! i enjoy this professional sharing!

  19. Bani says:

    Thanks Brian, that’s great. I’ll get it as soon and I arrive home 🙂

  20. Simon: good news. A Chinese edition has just been announced though I don’t have an ETA on when it will be available to purchase. My guess is allow 2-3 months.

    David: Many thanks for the feedback. I agree, for technical books a PDF ebook is a must have. If only the publishers would bundle both together. I will keep pushing…

    Bani: good question. GAIQ yes, AdWords no

  21. Bani says:

    Is it possible to get a Google Analytics IQ coupon with the PDF version?

  22. Brian,

    Thanks for the extended preview of your book on google books – I own the hard copy (well, paperback anyway) but it’s really quite handy to be able to just browse to a section online instead of getting off my butt to pull the book off the bookshelf. Of course, I don’t really know what this says about me….

    anyway, thanks. you’re the man.

  23. Simon/Álvaro: The way internationalised versions work is that a local publisher buys the rights from Wiley & Sons. They then translate and sell in their market. As yet, no Spanish or Chinese publisher has made an offer, but if you know of one please send through!

  24. Hi Brian! When spanish version of the book?

    Thank you very much!

  25. Simon says:

    Hi Brian

    Just wondering if there is Chinese version in your plan?

  26. mattymcg: Sorry for these problems Matt. Not sure what the issue is, but I am happy to purchase this for you and send it over. Contact me directly and we’ll figure this out

    Heidi: No Japanese translation has been produced as yet, sorry.

  27. heidi says:

    I would like a book the book in japanese
    when and where can i find it

  28. mattymcg says:

    Hmm, I tried to follow the link, but it keeps reverting to (I’m in Australia), and that server just times out. Am keen to purchase but don’t seem to be able to.

  29. This is the updated link to purchase the PDF version:

    You need to ensure that the “location” is set to United States (top of page) for this to work. Also, ensure you read the “Important E-Book Information” on how to use the PDF version

  30. JG: the e-book is a carbon copy of the printed version. I use this site to keep it up to date.

  31. JG says:

    Brian – Will the e-book be updated with fresh content as time goes on? There are some really great e books out there that offer up to date versions of the book as the evolves with the subject matter.

  32. Just to et you know I am looking at how you can purchase the book in different languages. Czech is to be available form mid February.

    BTW, if you follow the link to the Wiley site for the PDF version it says “This product is not currently available for purchase from this website“. So let me chase this as well and post back here.

  33. Hi Brian! Could you help us Czechs find the Czech version of the ebook?

    Thanks very much!

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