Cookie Consent Banner Requirements – and how to optimise your opt-in rate

I have written about gaining consent to track over many years, both here and on LinkedIn, and although most discussions are positive around my thinking and approach, detractors point to the fact I am not legal qualified, which is true. So this time I have formalised my thinking and got legally qulaified expertise from Axel Tandberg – a senior advisor and data protection expert at

The result is this clearly defined (and some say controversial) whitepaper that sets out the critical requirements you need to have in place for your website (or app) to be consent compliant in a GDPR/ePD world. Nothing dodgy or hidden – just good advice for doing the right thing both, legally and ethically, in a smart way.

Importantly, the approach optimises your opt-in rate in a completely transparent way. Why is that so important? Because data consistently shows that if you ignore the optimisation step, your website can lose up to 70% of its traffic…! Get it right however, and you can reverse that statistic.

Download this free whitepaper directly (no sign up details required).

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