Get “Successful Analytics” book at 50% discount! – one time sale…

If you haven’t gotten around to reading my latest book: Successful Analytics – or want get one for a colleague/client, here is a great opportunity… I am running a one-time sale of 50% OFF all paperback orders – for 1 month only (hard stop of 13-Aug-2017).

There is limited stock, so its a first come first served basis. Just go to the Amazon store closest to you (buy 2 and Amazon shops for free!):

US/Canada = $14.99

UK = £9.99

Germany = €13.00

France = €13.00

Spain = €13.00

Italy = €13.00

Rest of world = £9.99


Looking for a keynote speaker, or wish to hire Brian…?

If you are an organisation wishing to hire me and my team, please view the Contact page. I am based in Sweden and advise organisations in Europe as well as North America.

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