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There are a number of commentators on the web that purport the level of adoption for Google Analytics i.e. market share. This is a short post to summarise the latest figures that I consider as solid and reliable. If you have conducted a study yourself, or know of other reliable sources of adoption numbers, please share the results in the comments section. I maintain a snapshot of major brands using Google Analytics – here.

  • 86% of surveyed businesses use GA
    A 2011 survey of 800 businesses (two-thirds of them from the UK) revealed that 86 percent are using Google for analytics compared to 66 percent just two years ago. – “Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2011”



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  1. Stephane Hamel

    Hi Brian,
    you can add a study that came out a few days ago, done by iPerceptions. The conclusions are very similar to my own study even if we used different methods for collecting the data – that’s very reassuring and reinforcing the validity of both research!

    Who Runs Web Analytics in the top 500 Retail web site ? December 2011


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