Win a signed copy of Advanced Web Metrics

If reading a physical book like mine is your thing, that is, rather than trawling through online documentation (that may or may not be correct) or using a ebook (great as a compliment but doesn’t beat the real thing), then here is your chance to win a signed copy of the second edition posted direct from me – it may be really valuable one day…!

All you need to do in this social media experiment, is simply retweet this post *adding* the hashtag
#ga-book and I will pick a winner on August 15th (four weeks form today). Note you must add the hashtag so I can track it…!

Good luck.



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  1. ijauregui

    Thank you Brian!!!! I am sure it’s a very interesting book.
    If you find an easy way of tracking twitter conversations let us know.
    I agree with you, sometimes, when having a lot of replies, is quite hard to do an easy track.

  2. Brian Clifton

    The book winner is: Ikerne Jauregui from San Sebastián, Spain.

    Congratulations @ijauregui. The book will be in the post to you this week 🙂

    Thank you to all that retweeted this post. It has been quite a learning experience for me – what should have been easy to track – a specific conversation on Twitter – turned out to be a lot more painful. To be honest I am quite disappointed in the lack of tracking functionality in Twitter…. I will be working on an alternative approach to write about…

  3. Saber

    That wasn’t the best idea for a hashtag now was it 😀

    • Brian Clifton

      Saber: it *shouldn’t* be a problem but it seems Twitter struggles with it. Poor of them really…

  4. Brian Clifton

    Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner – I am having trouble with viewing *all* tweets for #ga-book on twitter…


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