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Advanced Web Metrics at Small Business Trends Book Awards

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If you liked the book, please vote for me - closing date Dec 15thThis a nice (though blatant) attempt from the Small Business Trends website to manipulate  social network connections. Essentially, any author who has written a business book this year will obviously want to be on this book awards list. Its a great way for their website to garner a large number of incoming links and mentions on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al.

No problem with that. In fact, I wish I had thought of it….!

So while, the winner will be the book with the most votes rather than the best reviews, I am blatantly asking you to vote for me if you liked my work – closing date Dec 15th.

Many thanks in advance 😉

Brian Clifton

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  1. The results are in and Advanced Web Metrics made it to the top of the pile in the “web analytics” category :)

    Even beating Avinash by a slim 10 votes (no small feat!)

    Many thanks for all your support.

    Chris: Cheers for your feedback and taking the time to vote.

  2. Chris Leone says:

    You have my vote, Brian! Your book (combined with Avinash’s two) are a killer combo for getting the most out of GA.

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