New Google Analytics Authorised Consultants

What is a GAAC? Google Analytics Authorised Consultants are experts in the field of web analytics with proven backgrounds and a high reputation. As independent companies, they are authorised to provide their professional services around the free Google Analytics product range.

GAACs provide chargeable services such as 1:1 consultation, implementation, training, data interpretation etc.

A warm welcome the latest new GAACs to join the global network – 5 for Europe 3, for the US and 1 for Australia:

A list of all GAACs is shown on the right menu.

Looking for a keynote speaker, or wish to hire Brian…?

If you are an organisation wishing to hire me and my team, please view the Contact page. I am based in Sweden and advise organisations in Europe as well as North America.

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  1. Brian Clifton

    George: Google Analytics does not use MaxMind. That said, I am surprise that difference are ‘huge’. Where are the differences? For example, is it on a country, region or city basis?

    Feel free to email me your analysis and I will take a look (email at bottom of page – I write this in html so to avoid spam!)

  2. George

    I believe that google analytics’ geolocation statistics are not really correct!

    I just finished my analysis on a large set of logs (50GB) and comparing my geolocation results to google analytics there were huge differences! absolutely huge! I used the MaxMind database and I believe that this is the same one that google uses so these differences shouldn’t exist!

    Does anyone have any idea why there is such a big difference?

    Take care!

  3. Brian Clifton

    Alin: Sounds like Google need to use you in their usuability studies…!

    A lot of effort was placed in building the new UI to be as easy as possible to use. The following 2 artcles explain some of this: A new phase for Google Analytics and eMetrics, Dusseldorf – what’s next for web analytics vendors?. However clearly this has not worked for you.

    Have you tried customising your Dashboard? For example, Navigate to the Search Engines report, select the level of detail you require and then click “Add to Dasboard”. These will then be displayed as the first report when you log in. You can also change the order of the Dashboard reports by drag and dropping into different areas.

    If you are looking for reports regularly, you can schedule them to be emailed to you each day/week/month/quarter. The top of each report (next to export) has this feature.

    Hope this helps. Brian

  4. alin rosca

    I think the new Google Analytics totally sucks, and is the perfect example of what happens when computer geeks are put in charge with developing a product for business use: they just developed something cool, without understanding its purpose and the users’ needs.

    They fell in love with the product & features so much, they completely forgot about the end user. The result is an application that has the coolest features, is very powerful… and very cumbersome to use. It takes twice as many steps as before to get a report.

    For instance, you can’t easily see the “inside day” chart of visitors (hourly data); you can’t easily see the geolocation of the visitors: it doesn’t help to know they came from the U.S. A lot of web sites are local in nature (or they run geolocalized marketing campaigns), so how about seeing how many visitors came from Kansas City, Jacksonville or Portland? With the new Analytics, you have to go through a few steps to get that simple data, which should be on the Dashboard; Also, the Traffic Source shows “search engines” and “referring sites,” which doesn’t help: which search engines? which referring sites? Now you have to go through a couple of steps to find that out.

    It doesn’t help me that the New Analytics has a bunch more features and they’re really cool, when it’s a lot more cumbersome to use. When I use a product five times a day I can’t care less about how cool it is, I care a lot more about how functional it is. And the new Google Analytics is anything but functional.


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