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Book errata – corrections & typos, 2nd edition

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Thankfully my writing ability has improved since the first edition(!) Subsequently, I have only come across four typos so far, as described below.

Please add a comment if you find others. First edition errata is here.

  • Ch 7, page 206 and 207: Controlling Timeouts

The timeout values are shown as seconds, but should be changed to milliseconds. Change:






  • Ch 9, page 269: Implementing Custom Variables

The following code (half way down the page) should be changed from:


pageTracker._setCustomVar(1, “Section”, “Sports Pages”, 3);


pageTracker._setCustomVar(1, “Section”, “Sports Pages”, 3);

}catch(err) {}</script>

Note the order of the lines has changed and the additional closure of the ‘try’ block and </script>

Thanks to Gilles Porlier (Montréal, Canada) for his eagle eyes at spotting this.

  • Ch 9, page 290: Capturing the First and Last Referrer of a Visitor

The highlighted code _setVar(term) should be:


  • Ch11, page 409 and 410: Special Case: Pseudo E-Commerce:

The e-commerce field values should be in single (‘) quotes as these are already nested within double quotes.

Thanks to Andy Hoover for spotting this.

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  1. michaeldhealy says:

    Page 102, Second Paragraph
    ‘. . . in order words . . . ‘
    Should be
    ‘. . . in other words . . . ‘

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