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What’s in the Pro Lounge…?

The Pro Lounge is a member’s area for like minded professionals who enjoyed the book and want more:

  • Notifications – when is the next book due and what’s different? If you are a fan of my books, this is the place
    [*clue: summer 2014*].
  • Access to whitepaper downloads – in depth documents written by myself: Understanding Web Analytics Accuracy and Tracking Offline Marketing with Google Analytics.
  • All Hacks example code from Chapter 9 of AWM 3e – ready to use.
  • All colour images used in the book (books just don’t get published in colour any more!).
  • Other useful code snippets from my books.
  • Discounts at events I am speaking at e.g. eMetrics, SMX, SES, AdTech etc…

Absolutely NO spam. At the most one mail per quarter. Looking for the book errata?

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