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Here I write about Google Analytics setup and usage; Online privacy; Data accuracy; Website usability; Conversion optimisation; and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – the whole raison d’etre for measurement in the first place…!

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Five Predictions For Web Analytics in 2011

Categories: Metrics understanding, Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 4

Predicting the future invariably means you will be wrong most of the time. However, it is an interesting process to go through as even getting just one prediction right can have a significant impact – to me personally, my business or my client’s business. So I was honoured when Daniel Waisberg asked me to look into my crystal ball for what may happen in the world of web analytics in 2011. Here’s the summary of my predictions:

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Google Analytics Book – is language important to you?

Categories: Google Analytics specific / Comments: 0

Germany is an interesting market from a web analytics perspective. The government their is pushing the privacy debate (and the boundaries) on how visitor data can be collected, what constitutes personally identifiable information (PII), and what control the actual visitor has over the whole process of collecting their visit history. I am a strong online privacy advocate, so I welcome the discussion.

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Track Offline Marketing with Google Analytics – Whitepaper

Categories: Google Analytics specific, Metrics understanding, Pro Lounge / Comments: 10

When it comes to tracking offline marketing campaigns, many marketers are unaware of the potential of using their existing web analytics tool to measure success. Typically, the reliance is on traditional, imprecise data such as print distribution figures (a.k.a. readership numbers), viewing figures (TV audience metrics), or footfall metrics (“20,000 people walk pass this sign every day”).

However, none of these metrics can provide any indication of success. That is, was my print, TV, or radio ad successful? Yet, if these readers, viewers or listeners visit your website as a result of exposure to your offline campaign, you can access a rich stream of success metrics. This whitepaper is a how-to guide to track your offline marketing efforts.

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Integrating web analytics with marketing (not IT) is the future

Categories: Metrics understanding / Comments: 20

I have been following some interesting posts on the recent IBM acquisition of Coremetrics. The following three are from respected sources that all glow positively about the potential upside of the deal – Econsultancy, Eric Peterson, Stephane Hamel. However, I am not so convinced that the deal will lead to great success for IBM, or is the start […]

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Understanding Web Analytics Accuracy – Whitepaper

Categories: Metrics understanding, Privacy and Accuracy, Pro Lounge / Comments: 8

I first wrote about web analytics accuracy in 2007 while working at Google. At that time numerous clients (big spending Google advertisers my team helped) were contacting their Adwords account managers asking why Google Analytics numbers did not match their AdWords click-through reports, or for that matter, match the other web measurement tools they were using.

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Google Analytics IQ promotional code

Categories: Google Analytics specific / Comments: 13

If you have a copy of the Google Analytics Book, you will know the second edition contains a 50% discount coupon/promotional code for completing the GAIQ certification – part of the Conversion University online learning centre. In turns out using this can be a little confusing and you may see a message saying “invalid code”.  […]

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Google Analytics Book – 2nd edition launched

Categories: Google Analytics specific / Comments: 22

The second edition of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics started shipping from Amazon last week – almost exactly two years since the first book. Like becoming a father (well not quite), it’s a proud moment and milestone for me. If you want to dive straight in, try one of these: Download sample book content: […]

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