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“Advanced web metrics is about doing the basics very well and applying it in a clever way.” Here I write about Google Analytics advanced setup and usage as well as online privacy, GDPR and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – the whole raison d’etre for measurement…!

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[Survey] Do you TRUST your analytics data?

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The question of data trust is what I see as the biggest issue facing the digital analytics industry at present. Why? Because it is so easy to collect junk data online. And businesses will not act on data unless they have trust in it. The result is data paralysis – no one wants to dig deep in to the data for fear of what will be uncovered…

Is this scenario true? Take part in the Trust Survey now…

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Should you pay $150,000 for Google Analytics Premium?

Categories: GA & GTM, Metrics Understanding / Comments: 19

GA Premium costsWhat is the cost of Premium? Why use a paid-for tool? A client considering GA Premium (the paid-for version of Google Analytics) asked me the following question recently:

“One thing that would be great to cover in our meeting, is the value of the Premium product for us. How will it save us money by spending $150k a year instead of simply adjusting our approach and using the free product?”

That’s a great question – getting right to the point of value for money. And this is my two-point response that can be applied to any paid-for vendor….

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Improving The Web Using Data – 1. The Accuracy Debate

Categories: Metrics Understanding / Comments: 4

This is Part ONE of a three post series. In this post I discuss what digital data is accurate (and what is not) from a publisher’s point of view. Contents:

  • Most of the web is junk, but web analytics can help
  • The two types of web analytics
  • The accuracy debate: On-site versus off-site metrics

In Part TWO: On-site versus off-site analytics tools – how they work
In Part THREE: 8 recommendations for choosing a tool

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8 Recommendations For Choosing A Tool: on-site versus off-site analytics

Categories: Metrics Understanding / Comments: 0

This is Part THREE of a three post series. In this post I discuss how to keep your sanity when trying to compare numbers from your different tools. On-site and off-site web analytics should be used differently and I show you when and how its appropriate to pick one method over another.

In Part ONE: What digital data is accurate (and what is not).
In Part TWO: On-site versus off-site analytics tools – how they work.

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Define: Digital Analytics

Categories: Metrics Understanding / Comments: 2

I enjoy doing interviews – listening to other people’s questions gives me a different perspective compared to the questions I ask of myself (and of data) all the time… This question came form Manu Jeevan as part of his interview for the Big Data Made Simple blog. It made me think about something that has been troubling me for some time.

define: digital analytics

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How to Remove Referral Spam from Google Analytics

Categories: GA & GTM, Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 25

Data spam has always been present within web analytics reports. However over the past year or so it has become a real PITA. By data spam, I am referring to spammers and scammers polluting your Google Analytics reports with their junk links in the hope you will say – “Oh what is that? Let’s visit the referral site that is sending us traffic and see who they are”. Of course the purpose is to to drive traffic to their own site for ad impressions, or to push malware down your throat. Just like email spam, its annoying and a time-waster – but unlike email spam it is not so in your face. That means referral spam lies below the radar, buried in your reports. The result is its data distorting effects can often go un-noticed.

In this post I show you how to eradicate it.

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New Google Analytics book launched: Successful Analytics

Categories: GA & GTM, Metrics Understanding / Comments: 4

The new book is launched – Successful Analytics: Gain Business Insights by Managing Google Analytics. The link takes you to the buy page for  the print addition. You can also purchase via Amazon and other stores (both print and ebook versions). Why this book is different What is unique to digital analytics, is that the data collected in […]

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Not Provided: Now impacting 80-90% of organic traffic

Categories: Metrics Understanding / Comments: 2

I have tracked this issue since the beginning – plotting the percentage of organic traffic impacted by not provided. First, only visitors logged into their Google account were effected and hence tech related websites (attracting a more tech savvy audience) were disproportionately impacted. However, Google has since applied this to pretty much all visitors using Google organic search.

The position now: Not provided impacts 80-90% of organic searches…

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