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“Advanced web metrics is about doing the basics very well and applying it in a clever way.” Here I write about Google Analytics advanced setup and usage as well as online privacy, GDPR and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – the whole raison d’etre for measurement…!

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Why is Google Analytics free?

Categories: GA & GTM, GDPR & Privacy, Metrics Understanding / Comments: 6

The Google Analytics business model is unique for the web analytics industry – a deep dive reporting tool suitable for companies of all sizes (see Who uses Google Analytics? ) given away free of charge. But is there a catch to this uniqueness? Well in my view there is none. Of course, given my background […]

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Google Analytics Customers

Categories: GA & GTM, GDPR & Privacy / Comments: 14

Discovering Google Analytics customers is actually quite easy to detect – you simply view the source code and look for the tell-tale page tags. Though there are tools to help you, browsing around quickly show many a Fortune 500 company using GA and below I list of some of the big brands.

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New Google Analytics Authorised Consultants

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 4

What is a GAAC? Google Analytics Authorised Consultants are experts in the field of web analytics with proven backgrounds and a high reputation. As independent companies, they are authorised to provide their professional services around the free Google Analytics product range. GAACs provide chargeable services such as 1:1 consultation, implementation, training, data interpretation etc. A […]

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A new phase for Google Analytics

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 4

So the new generation of Google Analytics is released. Though still in beta, its a significant milestone and one that marks a new phase – Phase II. I talked about Phase I for Google Analytics at last year’s eMetrics summit in London. The initial phase was about shoehorning an existing product (Urchin) into the Google […]

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Google’s free page testing tool

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 1

Last week on April 5th, Google launched Website Optimiser, a free multivariate testing tool. I know it should be spelt Optimizer, but I just can’t bring myself to ruin the English language! Simply put, multivariate testing is a way of testing the effectiveness of different content combinations on your web pages. By effectiveness I mean […]

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