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“Advanced web metrics is about doing the basics very well and applying it in a clever way.” Here I write about Google Analytics advanced setup and usage as well as online privacy, GDPR and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – the whole raison d’etre for measurement…!

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Google Analytics backup – using Urchin

Categories: GA & GTM, Urchin software specific / Comments: 15

Keeping a local copy of your Google Analytics data can be very useful for your organisation. For example, for third party data audits, reprocessing data, troubleshooting purposes, and for viewing data longer than 25 months (Google’s current data retention commitment). Having a local copy of the collected data allows you achieve all these and protects […]

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What is Urchin 5?

Categories: GA & GTM, Metrics Understanding, Urchin software specific / Comments: 9

Urchin is the software company and technology that Google acquired in April 2005 that went on to become Google Analytics. Urchin software remains a product in its own right and is a downloadable software tool that runs on a local server (Unix and Windows) providing web analytics reports by processing web server logfiles – including HYBRID logfiles – which are the most accurate.

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Hosted v Software v Hybrid tools

Categories: GA & GTM, Metrics Understanding, Urchin software specific / Comments: 7

My colleague Avinash recently presented at SES San Jose his thoughts on the current vendor space including: Visual Sciences, Omniture, IndexTools, Clicktracks, WebTrends and Google Analytics. As always, his talks are very engaging and thought provoking. For me though, one slide really stood out – the idea that a HYBRID web analytics tool can’t hunt […]

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What is ABCE?

Categories: Metrics Understanding, Urchin software specific / Comments: 1

Recently, the perception of ABCE’s role for the web analytics industry appears to have become blurred. Hence I wanted to post some comments here – these were also posted on the Web Analytics Association’s forum last month. ABC ELECTRONIC is the trading name of Electronic Media Audits Ltd. To briefly summarise from their web site: […]

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