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“Advanced web metrics is about doing the basics very well and applying it in a clever way.” Here I write about Google Analytics advanced setup and usage as well as online privacy, GDPR and best practices for organisations wishing to achieve success online – the whole raison d’etre for measurement…!

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Google Analytics – Four years on

Categories: GA & GTM, Urchin software specific / Comments: 18

Google Analytics has come along way since the acquisition of Urchin was announced in April 2005. In this article I wanted to summarise the achievements made to date and discuss my view as the future for the product. A brief history of Urchin Urchin analytics has been around for some time. In fact since 1997, […]

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Roll up reporting in Google Analytics

Categories: xPlugins & Hacks - OLD! / Comments: 52

Roll up reporting is not a standard feature in Google Analytics. However with a little extra coding, you can have stand alone reports for specific i.e. product dedicated websites, and a roll-up report to give a global overview.

Generally, this issue mostly effects enterprise clients. For example, companies with brand specific or product specific web sites targeted at particular markets. Because of this specific need it makes sense to have separate, stand alone Google Analytics accounts for each web site. That way, segmentation, referral analysis, e-commerce revenue (or lead generation) can be analyzed in detail.

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Creating the perfect (trackable) blog article

Categories: Metrics Understanding, xPlugins & Hacks - OLD! / Comments: 15

Crafting your article to entice click-throughs to your site If you write the perfect blog article and publish the full content via RSS, there is a strong possibility that the visitor will read your content in their RSS reader, be entirely satisfied (strong engagement) and then move on i.e. not visit your web site. … This is a great way to track engaged RSS readers – casual readers of you headlines are screened out because they don’t click through (so are not tracked), while engaged visitors click through and therefore are tracked.

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Why counting uniques is meaningless

Categories: GDPR & Privacy, Metrics Understanding, Setup Accuracy / Comments: 25

The term ‘uniques’ is often used in web analytics as an abbreviation for unique web visitors (i.e. how many unique people visited my site). The problem is that counting unique visitors is fraught with problems that are so fundamental, it renders the term ‘uniques’ meaningless. Firstly, cookies get lost, blocked and deleted. Research has shown […]

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Google Analytics Accuracy – Comparing Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics and Nielsen SiteCensus

Categories: GDPR & Privacy, Metrics Understanding, Setup Accuracy / Comments: 16

          Last year I wrote an whitepaper on web analytics accuracy. The intention of this was to be a reference guide to all the accuracy issues that on-site web measurement tools face, and how you can mitigate the error bars. Apart from updating the article recently, I wanted to illustrate how close (or not) […]

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Google Analytics webinar idea – your feedback

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 3

As a number of you have taken the effort to connect with me over recent months, I wanted to pick your brains on an idea… I have created a small (6 questions!) survey to get your feedback on a dedicated GA webinar based on the content of the book. The questions are self explanatory and […]

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Tracking social media with Google Analytics

Categories: Metrics Understanding / Comments: 27

This is not really a hack – rather the application of a simple (yet powerful) filter that allows you to compare visits from social networks side by side next to other referral mediums. The result allows you to have a quick comparison of the significance of social networks to your site in your Google Analytics […]

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Troubleshooting Tools for Web Analytics

Categories: GA & GTM, Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 8

I recently read an article by a friend of mine Neil Mason, called – Tackling the basics of web analytics: Getting the right numbers right . To summarize, Neil discusses how difficult it can be to install even the most simplest of tracking tags (data collector beacons) across an enterprise web site. That is, a […]

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