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Here I write articles about advanced Google Analytics  setup and usage with a focus on data quality, including online privacy and consent best practice i.e. GDPR compliance. In other words, the things your organisation needs to have in place in order to have trust in its data, and for your customers to trust you with their data…

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What Google Analytics Can’t Tell You – what rubbish

Categories: GDPR & Privacy / Comments: 19

I wanted to put this out there to illustrate the type of crap competitors will go to to discredit Google Analytics. The link takes you to an article by clicktale which is a rehash of a previous discredited post by Brandt Dainow last year. Take a minute to read it and the two so called flaws of Google Analytics…

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How to track mobile phone users with Google Analytics

Categories: xPlugins & Hacks - Deprecated! / Comments: 23

Designing a web site for a mobile audience with a 3 inch screen and potentially slower data connection is clearly very different from other users. Therefore studying this segment of visitors can have important implications for your web development. Visits from older generations of Internet enabled mobile phones cannot be tracked by web analytics tools […]

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Training Workshop – Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Online Business

Categories: GA & GTM, Metrics Understanding / Comments: 1

Just letting members know that I will be in Palo Alto (California) this October presenting a Google Analytics workshop with e-nor. Title: Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Online Business This is a two-day training workshop on web measurement aimed at Marketers and Webmasters. Presented by Brian Clifton and Feras Alhlou (e-nor) 19/20 Oct. If […]

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Wow – did you see Adobe coming?

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 9

Like everyone else it appears, I certainly did not see the announcement of Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture for $1.8 billion coming. However, it reminds me of Telefonica’s $5.4 billion mind blowing purchase of Lycos in 2000. A good sales person can make it sound like a perfect match and a bargain to boot. Yet for […]

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Your mobile apps are spying on you

Categories: GDPR & Privacy / Comments: 7

Privacy on the web has always been a contentious issue, as the vast majority of users wish to remain anonymous while browsing. However, little attention has been given to the privacy of mobile phone users. Hence I was interested to read the article on mobile apps from Sarah Perez: Compared to computer use, mobile […]

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Should you focus on website visitors as individuals?

Categories: GDPR & Privacy, Metrics Understanding / Comments: 22

Leaving aside the issue of privacy, is it valid to track visitors as individuals? From a marketer’s perspective, tracking individuals sounds great in theory – you understand your customers better right? But if you receive 10,000 visitors per day and have weekly marketing performance meetings, that equals 70,000 data points to discuss? Best practice is to consider longer time frames in order to mitigate against calendar anomalies i.e. weekends v weekdays, holidays, the weather, force majeure etc… So for one month that could be 280,000 data points.

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Would you value this book in your language?

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 4

If you have a copy of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, or are a potential reader, would you prefer it in your local language? I have always assumed that a local language is preferred. However, I ask because when translated, I loose editorial control of the text and screenshots that can result in a degrade in book quality.

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The Google Chrome operating system

Categories: GA & GTM / Comments: 12

I rarely comment on news, preferring instead to trial, demonstrate and collect my thoughts before writing a blog article. However this piece of news from the official Google blog is potentially so big, I wanted to add my comments straight away (and I was a web developer in a previous life)…. Yesterday, Google announced it […]

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SEO and Analytics – part 2

Categories: GA & GTM, SEO & Analytics / Comments: 0

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been a part of my background since starting my career in the digital industry (since 1997). In fact it remains a major part of working with clients, though now social media is a bigger part of the mix. Hence I still speak at conferences such as SES London – as […]

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