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NEW: Google Analytics Now Removing Personal Data

Categories: Google Analytics and GTM, Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 2

Google Analytics is now automatically removing personal info from collected data. So far only for query term "email". I regularly audit and test accounts for PII and found this today: Google Analytics is automatically replacing email addresses it finds in your reports with the text "obfuscated" - in real time. At present it seems only to work when sent as a value in Read more

When Visitor Surveys Can Damage Your Brand

Categories: Metrics understanding, Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 0

A buzz word in the world of digital analytics is "Voice of Customer" or VOC for short. This is the presenting of a survey to your visitors asking them to respond to questions that can be used to ascertain how they feel about the web experience they are having. Surveying your customers is obviously a good thing, BUT the key to obtaining a good participation Read more

How-to Match Google Analytics Transactions With Reality

Categories: Implementation Fundamentals, Metrics understanding, Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 1

If you have a transactional site, then of course you will want your transactional and product data as measured by Google Analytics, to match the real sales numbers that your back-end system collects. However in reality, these never exactly match due to a number of issues. These include: 1) Processing time differences; 2) Returns; 3) Blocked tracking; 4) Cross-domain tracking issues Read more

Is having a 3rd-party cookie a problem for you?

Categories: Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 2

I always thought that once the "general public" understood what a third-party cookie was, they would block/delete/refuse to accept them en masse. I have been predicting the demise of 3rd-party cookies since 2008, however it simply hasn't happened. In fact the success of remarketing techniques illustrates people either don't care about tracking technologies (i.e. invasiveness) or are oblivious to them... I Read more

8 Recommendations For Choosing A Tool: on-site versus off-site analytics

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This is a edit of an article I originally wrote for to discuss what digital data is accurate (and what is not) from a publisher's point of view. Part ONE: Most of the web is junk, but web analytics can help The two types of web analytics The accuracy debate: On-site versus off-site metrics Part TWO: On-site and off-site analytics tools – how they work Part THREE (this page):  8 recommendations Read more

Why the Guardian is barking up the wrong tree with Prism

Categories: Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 3

My thoughts on why the Guardian and the Washington Post are barking up the wrong tree with their constant side-stories about #Prism. It is disappointing to read the story degrading in this way. "Analysing this type of meta-data is exactly what companies such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc. openly do." Seriously... what is the problem with collecting and analysing meta-data? Meta-data does Read more

The rise and rise of “not provided” keywords

Categories: Privacy and Accuracy, SEO & Analytics / Comments: 31

If you are active with search engine optimisation (SEO), then you will be aware of the issue of "not provided" showing in your Google Analytics reports for organic visits. To quickly summarise, in October 2011 Google implemented a change to how searches performed on their web properties can be tracked by website owners receiving the subsequent click-through traffic (Read more

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