Noise or Music?

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Farewell to Google

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As some of you may be aware, I was the first member of the EMEA analytics team to join Google back in October 2005. That feels like a decade ago, both in time, but also in terms of our positioning within the company - remember the GA invite code system? Last Friday after two and a half years based at the Read more

How to Integrate your visitor data – both on and offline

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This started off as a reply to a comment from Sara Andersson (of concerning my post about the accuracy limitations of web analytics and the difficulty of aligning data from disparate sources: 2008/02/16/accuracy-whitepaper/#comment-2153 However, the subject is broad enough to warrant a separate post, and probably subsequent ones too! To start off, I paraphrase Sara:

"Most sites are
Read more

Defining Transactions v Goal Conversions v Goal Completions

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When viewing Google Analytics reports, I constantly need to remind myself of the difference between goal conversions , goal completions and e-commerce transactions (may be its just me that gets confused..!). Whatever, I thought I would share my clarification. One obvious difference is that a transaction is associated with an e-commerce completion (a purchase) while a goal conversion is considered Read more

What is the 4th thing to do when considering a web analytics implementation?

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So far what I have discussed in this series has been fairly straight forward - dare I say "easy"! The next step is the difficult part - not from a technical perspective, but purely in terms of communication. To recap the story so far, the first three best practice implementation principals are: Tag everything - get the most complete picture of Read more

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