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Benchmarking site performance can be misleading

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As you may know, I occasionally write articles elsewhere (, eConsultancy, In case you miss these, and because I like to keep my thoughts in one place I also reproduce here a little later. The following is from my September post at eConsultancy. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important to drive improvement for your website. Although it is Read more

Training Workshop – Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Online Business

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Just letting members know that I will be in Palo Alto (California) this October presenting a Google Analytics workshop with e-nor. Title: Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Online Business This is a two-day training workshop on web measurement aimed at Marketers and Webmasters. Presented by Brian Clifton and Feras Alhlou (e-nor) 19/20 Oct. If you're looking to get on Read more

Are you attending eMetrics London?

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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit - London UK, 18-19 May 2009 If you are attending this (, please come and say hello. I am presenting on the Monday and will be around Tues morning. Running alongside this is the SMX conference - at last, Search & Analytics together... If you haven't been before, eMetrics and SMX are great opportunity Read more

SEO and Analytics – part 1

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Many people use Google Analytics for Search Engine Optimisation. As you may know, I started my digital life way back(!) in 1997 in web development and SEO - odd as it seems now, at that time Alta Vista was the Google of its day and Google was still a university project at Standford called Backrub. Although I now Read more

Creating the perfect (trackable) blog article

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Tracking RSS blog feeds presents a problem for on-site web analytics tools such Omniture, WebTrends and Google Analytics. Why? Because as the name suggests, on-site web analytics tools measure visitor activity whilst on your web site and so cannot track activity that happens off site. For example, consider the following scenario: A visitor arrives on your site and likes the blog Read more

Why counting uniques is meaningless

Categories: GDPR & Privacy, Metrics Understanding, Setup Accuracy / Comments: 25

The term 'uniques' is often used in web analytics as an abbreviation for unique web visitors (i.e. how many unique people visited my site). The problem is that counting unique visitors is fraught with problems that are so fundamental, it renders the term 'uniques' meaningless. Firstly, cookies get lost, blocked and deleted. Research has shown that after a period of four Read more

Google Analytics Accuracy – Comparing Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics and Nielsen SiteCensus

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          Last year I wrote an whitepaper on web analytics accuracy. The intention of this was to be a reference guide to all the accuracy issues that on-site web measurement tools face, and how you can mitigate the error bars. Apart from updating the article recently, I wanted to illustrate how close (or not) different vendor tools on Read more

Tracking social media with Google Analytics

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This is not really a hack - rather the application of a simple (yet powerful) filter that allows you to compare visits from social networks side by side next to other referral mediums. The result allows you to have a quick comparison of the significance of social networks to your site in your Google Analytics reports, rather than having to Read more

A KPI is not always an average, ratio or percentage – sometimes raw numbers are better

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used throughout organisations for defining success. They are particularly essential in web analytics due to the plethora of data collected. In fact without KPIs, it is easy to become overwhelmed. So once you have set your overall web site objectives, use KPIs as the metrics to benchmark your progress. By definition, these are a small subset of "key" Read more

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