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Google Analytics Market Share

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There are a number of commentators on the web that purport the level of adoption for Google Analytics i.e. market share. This is a short post to summarise the latest figures that I consider as solid and reliable. If you have conducted a study yourself, or know of other reliable sources of adoption numbers, please share the results in the Read more

Win a signed copy of Advanced Web Metrics

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If reading a physical book like mine is your thing, that is, rather than trawling through online documentation (that may or may not be correct) or using a ebook (great as a compliment but doesn't beat the real thing), then here is your chance to win a signed copy of the second edition posted direct from me - it may Read more

Google Analytics – Customisations you cannot live without #2

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Following my previous post in this two-part serties, I show you how to overcome two limitations of Google Analytics: This post - Automatic tracking of file downloads and outbound links Last post - Improve your SEO tracking in Google Analytics - previous post The first is a real pain in the bum for webmasters of content heavy websites who need to track non-standard Read more

Google Analytics customisations you cannot live without #1

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If you like tweaking Google Analytics for your specific needs, this 2-part series is for you... Essentially, these hacks/plugins address two area that Google Analytics cannot do: Better SEO tracking - regionalised Search Engine visits - this post Automatic tracking of file downloads and outbound links - follow-up post The first is an major limitation for Search Marketers requiring regional search engine Read more

Advanced Web Metrics at Small Business Trends Book Awards

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This a nice (though blatant) attempt from the Small Business Trends website to manipulate  social network connections. Essentially, any author who has written a business book this year will obviously want to be on this book awards list. Its a great way for their website to garner a large number of incoming links and mentions on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Read more

Track Offline Marketing with Google Analytics – Whitepaper

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When it comes to tracking offline marketing campaigns, many marketers are unaware of the potential of using their existing web analytics tool to measure success. Typically, the reliance is on traditional, imprecise data such as print distribution figures (a.k.a. readership numbers), viewing figures (TV audience metrics), or footfall metrics ("20,000 people walk pass this sign every day"). However, none of Read more

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