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Google Analytics is 10 years old – What’s changed?

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Google Analytics launched on the 14th November 2005 - the result of acquiring a company called Urchin Software. It was a momentous day for two reasons:Google had entered the analytics space with a bang - releasing the first enterprise analytics product for FREE (unheard of then!). I was 5 weeks into my new job as Head of Web Analytics for Google Europe.Clearly with such disruption, not everyone Read more

The Best Google Analytics Tools & Addons

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These are the 10 best tools (aka add-ons) I use when working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. I have not attempted to list all possible tools - as there are now hundreds available. Rather, these focus on helping you get on top of, and maintaining, your data quality. I use all of them regularly.Just follow the links to download/obtain them. All are free to use.Tools are Read more

Calculating your REAL ROI for AdWords

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Here's the problem… The default Return on Investment (ROI) displayed by Google Analytics is misleading for two reasons. Issue 1: Google Analytics combines revenue from your transactions and goals. That can lead to double counting, if for example, an add-to-cart click is a monetised goal. Issue 2: Google Analytics has no idea about what profit margins you operate under - how can Read more

Multi-Channel Attribution Modelling – don’t write off the default models

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Avinash Kaushik is a great measurement thought provoker (up there with the likes of Tufte imho), all-round nice guy, and friend of mine. I always come away from his posts feeling challenged and stimulated - quite a feat to achieve for your peers in a niche industry. The following post from him -  Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Read more

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