Noise or Music?

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Your mobile apps are spying on you

Categories: GDPR & Privacy / Comments: 7

Privacy on the web has always been a contentious issue, as the vast majority of users wish to remain anonymous while browsing. However, little attention has been given to the privacy of mobile phone users. Hence I was interested to read the article on mobile apps from Sarah Perez: Compared to computer use, mobile phones have a greater potential to Read more

Why counting uniques is meaningless

Categories: GDPR & Privacy, Metrics Understanding, Setup Accuracy / Comments: 25

The term 'uniques' is often used in web analytics as an abbreviation for unique web visitors (i.e. how many unique people visited my site). The problem is that counting unique visitors is fraught with problems that are so fundamental, it renders the term 'uniques' meaningless. Firstly, cookies get lost, blocked and deleted. Research has shown that after a period of four Read more

Google Analytics Accuracy – Comparing Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics and Nielsen SiteCensus

Categories: GDPR & Privacy, Metrics Understanding, Setup Accuracy / Comments: 16

          Last year I wrote an whitepaper on web analytics accuracy. The intention of this was to be a reference guide to all the accuracy issues that on-site web measurement tools face, and how you can mitigate the error bars. Apart from updating the article recently, I wanted to illustrate how close (or not) different vendor tools on Read more

Google Analytics Customers

Categories: GA & GTM, GDPR & Privacy / Comments: 14

Discovering Google Analytics customers is actually quite easy to detect which web analytics tool a web site is using - you simply view the source code and look for the tell-tale JavaScript page tags yourself. *This post updated 30-Apr-2013* To save you the laborious task of manually checking html source code, there are now various tools available that can detect the javascript Read more

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