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Google Analytics and the new EU privacy law #1

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Following new EU laws aimed at protecting the privacy of online users, there has been much said about the death of web tracking as we know it. At present the wording of the law is stating that visitors to your website must explicitly consent to having cookies stored on their computers. As pretty much all web analytics tools rely on Read more

The FTC Privacy report “Do Not Track” – a missed opportunity

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As readers of this blog will know, I am a strong advocate of online privacy... That may sound strange coming from a web analytics evangelist. However, if we as an industry do not sort these privacy issues out, there is a real danger that web analytics as we know it today will disappear completely. So, following the recent excellent post from Phil Read more

Understanding Web Analytics Accuracy – Whitepaper

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I first wrote about web analytics accuracy in 2007 while working at Google. At that time numerous clients (big spending Google advertisers my team helped) were contacting their Adwords account managers asking why Google Analytics numbers did not match their AdWords click-through reports, or for that matter, match the other web measurement tools they were using. These of course are legitimate Read more

Benchmarking site performance can be misleading

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As you may know, I occasionally write articles elsewhere (, eConsultancy, In case you miss these, and because I like to keep my thoughts in one place I also reproduce here a little later. The following is from my September post at eConsultancy. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important to drive improvement for your website. Although it is Read more

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