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How-to Match Google Analytics Transactions With Reality

Categories: Implementation Fundamentals, Metrics understanding, Privacy and Accuracy / Comments: 1

If you have a transactional site, then of course you will want your transactional and product data as measured by Google Analytics, to match the real sales numbers that your back-end system collects. However in reality, these never exactly match due to a number of issues. These include: 1) Processing time differences; 2) Returns; 3) Blocked tracking; 4) Cross-domain tracking issues Read more

The Best Google Analytics Tools & Addons

Categories: Google Analytics and GTM, Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 14

These are the 10 best tools (aka add-ons) I use when working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. I have not attempted to list all possible tools - as there are now hundreds available. Rather, these focus on helping you get on top of, and maintaining, your data quality. I use all of them regularly. Just follow the links to download/obtain them. All are free to use. Tools are Read more

What’s the benefit of using Google Tag Manager?

Categories: Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 2

The saying goes, an image is worth a 1000 words, and mine sparked an interesting conversation on Google+ between myself and two of the industry's respected minds - Simo Ahava and Stephane Hamel. Essentially, I was asked by Simo to back up my numbers - a fair question. So here is my reply... As +Stéphane Hamel says in his last comment, Read more

Linking GA to Adwords – Avoiding permission issues

Categories: Google Analytics and GTM, Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 3

This is a quick Friday post to clarify a common misunderstood problem I come often come across when setting permissions to enable the linking of your Google Analytics account with your AdWords account. The Requirement From the AdWords or GA documentation: So you need to have the right permissions in order to be able to link your accounts... The Issue - Read more

The Future of Google Analytics – GA Summit 2012 [Infographic]

Categories: Google Analytics and GTM, Implementation Fundamentals, Metrics understanding / Comments: 8

I joined Google just after the acquisition of Urchin in 2005. Urchin was a great piece of web analytics software that I had been supporting for a couple of years, and one that I strongly believed in - as it turned out this was a good hunch! Seven years later, what still amazes me is the pace of development this product is evolving Read more

3rd edition of Advanced Web Metrics now shipping – What’s it about?

Categories: Google Analytics and GTM, Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 15

There are two fundamental questions you need to answer in order to assess the performance of your website: 1. What is driving visitors to my website? 2. What do they do once they arrive? These are the same questions no matter what position you have in the organisation - its just the level of detail in the answer that changes. Essentially, no matter what Read more

12 Useful Tools for Google Analytics Administration

Categories: Google Analytics and GTM, Implementation Fundamentals / Comments: 18

Tools and helper applications I have come across as a practitioner come in two flavours: those that help you with your administration of Google Analytics - install, setup and configuration, and those that help you use or interpret reports - visualisation aides, third-party integration, segmentation help, and so forth. Often these two scenarios overlap, and marketers frequently find themselves using the Read more

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