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Data Visualisation: Black+White versus Colour

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Would you buy a data book printed in colour if its price was higher…?

My challenge: As with viewing any information containing charts, tables, diagrams etc. reading content in COLOUR is very important to me, more so than the purchase price. Hence, why the book Successful Analytics was in colour – by necessity it uses better quality paper and hopefully by using colour, the points are clearer as well as easier to remember. However colour printing is expensive – it always was, but literally 2x more expensive these days. Do you share my view, or is price more important to your purchase decision?

Please give your feedback using the poll – it will help me to decide what to do with the next version of Successful Analytics.

If Successful Analytics 2nd Ed was $25 in black+white and $45 in colour, which one would you buy?

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  1. Adrian says:

    My company doesn’t pay but I prefer color

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