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Advanced Web Metrics Ltd is the company founded by Brian Clifton in 1997. Starting life as a web development and hosting agency, it built an international reputation in SEO and analytics. After researching and publishing whitepapers in 2002 on the state of web analytics and its future, it was recruited as the first UK Partner for Urchin Software (which went on to become Google Analytics), and was therefore one of a handful of the first pioneering Google Analytics Certified Partners.

Advanced Web Metrics Ltd was briefly paused while Brian was recruited by Google to Head the Web Analytics team for EMEA 2005-8.

Now the business holds the intellectual property of Brian Clifton – specifically for the best selling book Successful Analytics, and the resultant software tool for automating Google Analytics data quality:

Advanced Web Metrics Ltd also handles all speaking engagements for Brian Clifton and a few other author specific bits and bobs.


Registered in the United Kingdom at: Bank House, Southwick Square, Brighton BN42 4FN
Company No: 3388924, VAT No: GB699071879



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